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About Us

Solitude Living is the dream child of a couple who moved to Canada and fell in love with idea of baths. From colorful bath bombs to luscious bubble baths, calming bath soaks to fragrant essential oils - they were instantly smitten by all these different elements that went into drawing a bath.

When they set out to curate their own selection of bath products, they were greeted by a plethora of options. They treated themselves to the fragrances and potions that caught their fancy. But eventually when they came home, they realized that time and again, the baths they drew would always miss the mark even if they invested in quality products. The bath bombs, essential oils and bath soak never worked together and they were always left with a bath that had fragrances that just didn't blend. 

After a lot of trial and error they realized that there was a gaping hole in the market  and took it upon themselves to fill it. Not every brand makes all their products in complementing fragrances and this they thought was a key pre-requisite for making an average bath, great! 

Solitude Living bath kits were thus created after extensive research on various fragrance blends and the affect that they have on the human mind and body. Taking this a step further, they also determined the optimal quantities of the various elements that are required to create the perfect bath. 

With the changing times, where most of us are at home, bath-time can be the perfect escape to get some much needed me-time. And this me-time can be made so much more pleasurable by using the right bath blends to calm ourselves and disconnect from the outside world.