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You'll receive your kit in a recyclable paper box which would have a bath bomb, a pouch of bath salt, and a jar of bubble bath. We recommend using the entire kit in one single bath for the maximum relaxing experience but, you are free to use these contents in different baths, (our bath salts are good enough for two baths)


Every kit has 250 gms of bath salts. Say Whaaatttt!! Our bath salts are already infused with essential oils. Take some time to open this pack and take a few deep breaths so as to feel instant relaxation. Get started by emptying this pouch in the tub while the water is being filled. This quantity is good enough for two baths.    


Our bath bombs are medium-sized, perfect for our regular bathtubs. Have we mentioned they are vegan and organic?! They also have absolutely minimum use of any color dye so that there is no irritation to the skin. The bath bombs too are infused with essential oils which makes the bath even more blissful. Just drop in these cuties in the tub and see them sizzle while in some cases some colorful bath is expected.


Lastly, hold the bubble jar under running water to fill the bathtub with bubbles! Our bubble bath too is enhanced with the essential oil so that you are compelled to get the maximum benefit of the aroma.  

Finally, get naked and get in the tub !!!!

For the best bathing experience, light up some candles and play some soulful music. Soak your body in for about ~20 mins and don't forget to jug a glass of water before and after your bath!  

Why choose us

All Skin Types

Be it sensitive or normal to dry, our bath kits have you covered. Your skin will thank you

Vegan, Organic & Cruelty-free

Don't, we just love these words! ? We are doing our part, are you?

Support Local

All our products are ethically sourced and handmade right here in Ontario, Canada