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Making 'me-time' special

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Mind, Body & Soul

Solitude Living is the blissful state of being in your own company. Though we may be in the bath and body business, our focus has always been to ensure that our products are crafted to help you dig a little deeper and find yourself as you indulge in self-care.

You Come First

Immersing yourself in a blissful soak is a special moment of solitude. It's a time when you relax, unwind and fuel your soul. We believe that everyone deserves to have these moments to find their inner peace and happiness. And making this 'me-time' special is a job we take very seriously. 

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Perfectly Pre-measured 

Well-researched dosages of products to ensure you have a flawless bath experience, every single time.

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Complementary Fragrances

Preset fragrance combinations that blissfully blend together to create a quintessential sensory experience.

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Natural Ingredients

Our products are created from natural, vegan ingredients, which means you indulge in the very best.

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A Soak Of Solitude

Our products are designed to give you specific sensory benefits. No matter the mood, we have the perfect bath kit to match! With Solitude Living, all you will ever need to do for a great bath is to empty the contents of our kit, pour yourself a drink and sit back to your favourite tunes.