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A Complete Bath In A Box

Bath Bomb | Bath Soak | Bubble Bath

New to Baths?

Just empty a kit in the tub!

Made in Canada

Vegan | Organic | Cruelty - free

Bath Bomb | Bath Soak | Bubble bath

A Complete Bath In A Box

Infused with calm aroma of complementary essential oils for every mood!

The Solitude Living Philosophy

We are bath connoisseurs who believe that a little solitude and self-care go a long way

With Solitude Living you don't just take a bath. You choose from our carefully curated range of perfectly complementary ingredient blends and fragrances to create the ultimate sudsy experience.

I first received my bath kit as a gift and let me tell you - I WAS BLOWN AWAY! The fragrances are soothing and the bath was rich, moisturizing and way more relaxing than any I have experienced before. Have already ordered my next kit and can't wait for my next dip!

Lisa Sandala

My baths were always a hit and miss before, with the salts being too much or the bubble solution not really bubbling up. But these bath kits have changed that over night! The quantity is perfect, the scents are amazing and the bath is just the way it should be. I am never going back!

Kaylee Matos

Wow wow wow! Didn't know I needed these bath kits in my life until I received them. Seen those perfectly drawn baths on TV that you just can't seem to do no matter how hard you try? I was there too - until I tried these Bath Kits! Literally no more bad baths. Highly Recommend!

Samantha Perkins

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